PangPond, an ordinary 5 years old boy with highly imaginative characteristic who always turn this world to be his personal playground. He loves to help everyone, as he helps more, the greater fun he gets! It makes everyday life of PangPond be surrounded with all of his friend; man, animal, fairy, angel, monster and his beloved buddy, Big With Three Adventurous Exciting Adventure ; The Future World, The Insect World, The Himmapan World Adventure, PangPond traveled through time and passing through several exciting, dazzling challenges. But with a great help of a little white magical monkey "Hanuman" and friends from all around, the fate of the Three worlds and all humanity once again hang in the chubby hand of our beloved three-haired friend. Will Pangpond succeed to save the world or are we all doomed? Let's find out, what Adventure lied ahead..

Vithita Animation proudly brings you to the full version of PangPond and his adventure.

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Kids Fit For Fun  - School holiday this year PangPond invites Kids from 1st - 4th grade to join "Future Park & PangPond Kids Fit For Fun"

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PangPond School program : Sanitary hands with Kirei Kirei  - This new semester PangPond is going to visit your school and having fun activities with

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PangPond Karaoke  - English detail
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PangPond Hero   - English detail
English detail

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